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The truth

Prof. Robert Malone (inventor of mRNA technology), Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr. Michael Yeadon (former Pfizer chief scientist), Kari Mullis (inventor of the PCR test), Dr. Peter McCollough (epidemiologist, cardiologist, internist) and many other Science-Experts

Death numbers caused by mRNA vaccinations and severe disabilities caused by mRNA vaccinations!

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Robert Malone mRNA vaccine inventor Steve Kirsch Bret Weinstein - Spike protein is CYTOTOXIC
Vaccination deaths per country
Irreparable severe mRNA vaccine damage
Man with heart condition pinned down by Australian police for not wearing a mask.
After The Vaccine His Nose Is Bleeding And His Whole Body Is Shaking.

Simply put, a nosebleed is the loss of blood from the tissue that lines the inside of your nose. Nosebleeds (also called epistaxis).
Before And After Pfizer.

This damage to young people is irreparable and destroys not only their lives but also those of their relatives.
A fully vaccinated woman with a comorbidity (mRNA Injection) dies in ICU.

Irreparable severe mRNA vaccine damage
Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger WHO Whistleblower - Important Interview of the truth


International News and crime

Here we inform you about court decisions, international developments, the goals of Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Rockefeller, Freemasons, about the number of members joining our organisation per country, developments at our organisation and some more.

Studies on Covid-19 Lethality

The Covid-19 virus is not dangerous. It is a mild flu, nothing else. The virus cannot survive outside the host in summer at over 20 degrees Celsius. The virus has never been scientifically correctly isolated, purified and fully GEN sequenced anywhere in the world.
The mortality rate for covid infections (IFR) is no higher than for normal flu. It is also impossible for the same virus variant to be present worldwide at the same time.


New Death camps worldwide

New death camps with incineration facilities are built or existing facilities are converted to accommodate vaccine-injured patients.

Australia is being destroyed by politicians and their police accomplices

In Australia, the police are helpers of the criminal politicians! The police themselves are becoming a criminal band of hangers-on, taking away people's basic rights of free speech, taking away the freedom to go where one wants to go, suppressing the freedom of assembly by the police and thus enforcing a STASI regime of criminal political psychopaths. In case any policemen from Australia are reading this. There is no dangerous virus. You have made yourselves punishable by harassing your fellow citizens with disgusting misanthropic measures!

Australians living under total Covid tyranny watch as the "Queen's" mercenaries - the socialist Stasi - encircle and arrest a man for not wearing a face mask in a park in the fresh air outside in New South Wales.

French police of corrupt highly criminal politicians

In France, troops of highly corrupt criminal politicians dressed as police disregard and break human rights that far surpass even the two world wars in repulsiveness. We will pursue, arrest and punish each and every one of them in due course.

USA FBI agent dies after mRNA injection

With these mRNA injections, which have never been used, all test animals died, which is an experiment and no long-term study exists worldwide on side effects and mortality rates, is being abused for population reduction. These mRNA injections are bioweapons for mass genocide because a few billionaires think the earth is overpopulated and the citizens are parasites.

Israel - people dying after mRNA-Injection

After the 3rd forced mRNA injection, people in Israel are dying like flies. This injection is not a vaccination, but a bioweapon against the peoples to stop an alleged overpopulation.


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We are committed to monitoring the observance of fundamental and human rights internationally and, if necessary, to prosecute and hold accountable corrupt politicians, mass media operators and journalists, as well as other professionals involved in corruption. and journalists, as well as other professionals involved in corruption. To this end, we are building an international police force, military force and secret service.

The principle of our organisation

The governments are the employees of the peoples. Only the peoples themselves are capable of making an organization such as ours what we set out to be. To prosecute in the name of the peoples crimes against humanity, international fundamental rights and freedoms, and medical experiments that violate the Nuremberg Treaties, and to condemn those responsible. The peoples of the world, with your support, give us the legitimacy to place ourselves above governments and to prosecute anyone in any government who tortures citizens, forces them to take measures, or forces them to do things for their own financial gain that violate human rights and fundamental freedoms.

In order for us to be able to fund ourselves and gain legitimacy, you as an ordinary citizen, lawyer, law firm, business owner and all others are required to register with us as a member. With every single registration you contribute to the legitimacy of our organization. With your registration you give us the authority to arrest and convict politicians and other accomplices after a thorough lawyer and secret service investigation. It is important to register as a member. If you do not, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and other billionaires will implement and achieve their goals of the "Great Reset", total surveillance and the formation of a world government. They will take everything from you down to the last dollar.

Our goals

  • Gain members
  • To find lawyers who will join us
  • Find judges who join us
  • If enough members support our organization, meticulously document the crimes of individuals
  • If enough members or patrons of countries have made sufficient donations, organize and conduct the recruitment of criminal investigators
  • If enough members support our organization, convene the formation of international tribunals
  • Arrest criminal politicians and conduct trials through ourTribunal.

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    With the help of your membership, whether as a supporter without - or with financial donations, As a company or as a government with financial donations, you legitimise us to do what prosecutors and judges prevent or suppress due to corruption or simply prevailing ignorance.

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    Become a member as a company or state and support us financially so that we can hold those responsible to account. Are you a judge, prosecutor, lawyer, independent virologist, infectiologist, microbiologist or professionally active in other similar topics? Then we ask you to join us without obligation.

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Of Western countries with a population of 760 million, at least 30% must support our organisation as a member in order for us to be legitimised to prosecute and hold accountable political, media and other criminals.

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